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Warming Cupboard


Akin to the lower temperature type of cooking found using a crock-pot, the warming cupboard offers a softer range of heat (30/110 °) perfectly suited to proofing yeast, dehydrating vegetables, cooking brisket, or simply keeping dishes warm before entertaining. The generous internal dimensions (L. 325 x H. 495 x P. 530 mm) offer ample space for plates and serving dishes, as well as various pots and casseroles.

Available as an option on all vertical units with the exception of those under a fryer or multi-cooker, the Warming Cupboard may be configured on the ChambertinChassagneCluny 1400 and Cluny 1800FontenayCîteaux and Sully 1400Sully 1800 and Sully 2200 models.



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