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Hot top - Simmer plate

The Lacanche hot plate is made of enameled cast iron and heats up thanks to a powerful 5kw gas burner. Cast iron accumulates and keeps heat evenly all around its surface, thus enabling you to either cook, simmer or just keep your dishes warm before serving.

Temperature regulation:
By ensuring a steady temperature gradient, it enables you to adjust cooking or simmering with perfect accuracy. That is why the use of the hot plate is ideal for long cooking dishes such ‘Pot au Feu’ or ‘Coq au vin’.
Its sizeable surface does enable you to use several saucepans and casseroles to cook and keep warm at the same time. Removing the central ring of the hot plate allows full open flame cooking.

Cleaning of the hot plate:
The Lacanche hot plate used to be made of raw cast iron, it is now enamelled to ease the cleaning.

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