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Traditional French Top


Comprised of enameled cast iron covering a 5kw gas burner, the Traditional Plate beckons to an Old-World style of cooktop, while offering a myriad of culinary options for the present day chef.  Excellent for recipes advocating long simmer times, or even maintaining heat before serving dishes, the Traditional Top offers incredible versatility, including that of a work station when not in use.  Direct access to the flame is available through its removable center, which may also be used as a heat diffuser on a smaller burner.

Form + Functionality
Distinctive to the nature of Cast Iron, the Traditional Top collects and distributes heat evenly across its surface, lending itself to expert searing, simmering or warming dishes.  Low to medium heat is thus recommended for simmering and braising, given the slower speed at which cast iron heats and lowers in temperature.  
For wok cooking with direct flame access, the 5kW burner may be used like an open gas burner, after removal of its center buffer.  

All Ranges specifying a ‘Traditional’ Configuration Hob will come equipped with a central Traditional French Top, which is a permanent fixture on the cooktop.

Stainless steel covers are available as an accessory piece for when the Traditional Plate is not in use.



Traditional French Top