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The Cooktop


Intrinsic to each Lacanche Range is its Hob, or uppermost part of the cooktop.

Sophisticated use of stainless steel, including varying thickness, cuts, folds and welds, allows for a myriad of cooking options and burner accessories, while ensuring each component the utmost durability while cooking. This waterproof surface offers a range of productivity, including that of gas and electric burners, planchas, multi cookers and even fryers, while maintaining judicious use of cookware in varying sizes and styles.

Care for the Lacanche cooktop may be maintained easily through individual and removable functional elements (grates, burners, etc.) This allows for simple cleaning, with a non-abrasive sponge and soapy water, while tougher, more resistant spots such as grease, may be remedied with a stainless-steel ‘spiral’ sponge, avoiding inadvertent damage to the cooktop.

Please Note: Aggressive cleaning pads, detergents and chlorine-based products may permanently damage stainless steel, and are thus not recommended for cleaning the Lacanche Cooktop. 



Lacanche range Cooktop