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The top part of a cooker is known as the ‘hob’ or ‘cooking surface’.

The hob on all Lacanche kitchen ranges is made from a single piece of stainless steel. All the working parts (gas or electric rings, gas solid-top, steamer/waterbath, griddles) are thus arranged on a single, sealed surface. The contours of each dip or rise in the surface are smoothed so as to make cleaning easier. The basins of deep fryers and steamer/waterbaths are soldered to the steel, then carefully polished to remove any rough spots, resulting in a perfect surface.

Cleaning the hob

Maintenance of the hob is very easy. Removing the detachable functional parts, burners and pan supports, gives access to the hob surface, allowing it to be cleaned without any difficulty. The one recommendation that does need to be followed is to avoid using the more aggressive metallic pot-scourers and definitely not to use chlorinated products (bleaches).

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