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Vougeot "Modern"



The Vougeot is made up of a five-burner hob, gas or electric, a large multifunction gas or electric oven (L.530- P.405/455 mm) and a storage cabinet on the right that can be transformed into a hot cabinet as an option.


Cooker dimensions (excluding handrail): W 1000 x H 930 x D 650mm
Weight: 130 to 160 kg depending on options.
Hob: Five rings, gas or electric (ceramic or induction).
Gas or electric (static or multifunction) oven, with interior dimensions W 530 x H 305 x D 405/455mm.
Vertical cabinet : a choice of ambient-temperature or warming oven (30/110°C) with interior dimensions W 325 x H 495 x D 530mm.