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Inspired by world renowned chefs and their expert kitchens, each Lacanche Range is produced with simplicity and sophistication in mind, garnering aesthetic admiration as well as a loyal trust in its unwavering reliabilit. 


Old World Traditions

Each Range is individually handcrafted from the finest of materials: stainless steel, cast-iron and baked porcelain enamel, which is created specifically for each Lacanche in a dedicated atelier. From sheet metal fabrication, welding, polishing and assembly, a distinctive finesse and expertise of Burgundian artisans ensures both functionality and durability while enduring generations, in the heart of one’s home.


An Ecological Commitment

Given the sustainability of noble materials, Lacanche ranges are more than 90% recyclable. Despite the evolution of time and varying degrees of change in subsequent models, new components remain compatible with previously manufactured Ranges, minimizing ecological impact and waste.

Lacanche is committed to operating under strict principles of eco-design and proudly joins the “Eco-Systèmes” Association in its endeavors for environmental longevity.



The unmatched enamel colours of Lacanche

The unmatched enamel colours of Lacanche

Inherent to each Lacanche Range is its signature shade of porcelain enamel, delicately crafted and baked at temperatures upward of 850°C, yielding distinctive durability and unforgettable color.
Twenty-four hues rest firmly in The Collection, and custom colors are available upon request.